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Kurt Murray

BCA Honours in Drama and Performance, Flinders University Drama Centre. Holds over two decades of theatre experience working as an actor, set designer, producer, teacher, street and cabaret performer, professional wrestler and as a director. His quest for finding new levels of performance has led him to work with acting masters in Iran to Qi Gong masters in China. He has taught acting for Sylvia Young Theatre and Delfont Mackintosh in London.
Kurt made has always had a love of bubble manipulation and as a result combined his immense knowledge of Bubbleology with his performance skills to create a new form of Bubble Entertainment combining storytelling. The result of which has left in its wake a string of 4 and 5 star reviews and award nominations with only the very best yet to come.

Iulia Benze

MA Performance Practice and Research, Central School of Speech and Drama Iulia has had a wild and varied career as an Actress and Performance Artist. She has an in-depth knowledge of feminism, psychoanalysis and stuckism in performance. She translated academic theatre books for Odin Theatre Company, Denmark, whilst being a key innovator and organizer of the Alternative Actors project. Iulia also co-founded the theatre company CRAFT in London in 2012.
Iulia’s greatest discovery came through the development of clowning with neo-burlesque performance to reshape the art of bubbles as an advanced theatrical medium.


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